Physics is love




Mass is not proportional to volume

Good Lord little did I know I loved Physics;

It accelerates my heartbeat as I am La Plume

And I would like to classify, Hadrons and molecules proportional to volume.


I was a little girl small big violet and I moved like a lotus petal

Only to be pulled by force towards mass to be banged by metal.


But then I saw Newton’s apple

My heart beeping I solved the riddle;

Then the atoms came from a different star

It all exploded in my brain full of tar.


Miss Farad was pretty and sensual
And charged to a reckless potential;
But a dunce named Ohm
Conducted her home –
Her decline was, alas, exponential.


Then Newton announced in due course
His own law of gravity’s force:
“It goes, I declare,
As the inverted square
Of the distance from object to source.”


But remarkably, Einstein’s equation
Succeeds to describe gravitation
As space time that’s curved,
And it’s this that will serve
As the planets’ unique motivation.

I know it’s all poetic

For I know things on Physics.

Little children, little children learn Physics for fun

For Physics says, oh dear I am no scary but just another no one.




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