Once there was a girl


little girl

Once there was a girl Ananya

Little did she know she was just a formulae

She had large eyes full of smeared kohl

And you know something, those eyes always rolled


She also had a large head

Little did she know her brain always fled

She sang like sunlight

When she was fright with terror in the night


She loved avocadoes

As she thought she was a Mikado

And then she cried

For she always lied


Once she went to her Grandma’s house

And there she found her Mickey mouse

But she hated the wolf her Grandma loved

But hugged the wolf whenever she cried


She always needed her mummy

For it was there she felt the safest

Mummy would hold her tight

And she slept all through night


For she was the mystic Ananya

Who was a maiden in name of a formulae

She also had a sister silly

Who was no one but the same old Imli




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