Maths the Octopus



I stared at my textbook,

All I saw were some number crook;

One plus one is equal to two – 1+1 =2,

I tied the laces of my shoe.

Two plus two is equal to four: 2+2 = 4,

I am trigonometry funny to the core.

Four plus four is equal to eight: 4+4 = 8,

I picked up my fruits filled crate.

Eight plus eight is equal to sixteen: 8+8 = 16,

I dressed myself as a fat thin queen.

Sixteen plus sixteen is equal to thirty two: 16+16 = 32,

Maths the octopus is turning me blue.

I need to scratch my brain –

“But why so? I am so easy” says Maths the Octopus;

“Dr Maths you are not a fun

I will shoot you with my air filled gun”;

Said Maths the Octopus “I am your hero”,

I replied “Sadly no, you are a big Zero”;

Maths cried with pain –

I told Maths “Don’t cry I promise I will use my brain”;

Maths was happy and smiled with glee,

I winked at Dr Maths cheerfullyJ;

Little Children don’t be scared of me –

I am Dr Maths, your friendly genie;

I stared at my textbook,

This time all I saw was magic gobbledygook;

Now I am not scared of Maths,

For Dr Maths is a nothing but a friendly Octopus.


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