Little Doctor Algebra



Little doctor Algebra, looked like a Zebra

So are Integers though they were just juggernauts

Logarithms were loggerheads

And yet Geometry was the lead head


I say no to Angles, since they are always triangles

Division is to multiply only to be added by a butterfly

Addition is loss, as profit has gone for a toss

But subtraction is easy as it spoils me silly


Trigonometry is full of mystery

Calculus is full of history

Hey I am not writing a limerick for you Math

Come back after you have a bath


A dozen, a gross and a score

Plus three times the square root of four

Multiply by six

Divide then by four hundred forty eight bricks


Doctor Algebra now serious

Says I am no fun but hilarious

I can help you with answers if you want

For I stay near the LA font


Little children understand me

I am so very easy

Once you get to learn

You will say “Yes Math is such a fun”


Math is necessary in life

For you know it’s all we need to survive

Just love it; and I promise it will start loving you my little kid



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