Little Alex had a friend



Little Alex had a friend, who was always straightened with a bend;
For one day they found two pumpkin seeds, planted one and pulled the weeds;
It sprouted roots and a big long vine; the pumpkin grew with a small broad smile;
They also caught a caterpillar which would crawl, crawl, crawl;
And trying to catch it they fall off the wall;
Caterpillar Caterpillar rest, rest, rest;
For soon you will be the best, best, best;


Alex and his friend chased the cats, for they knew to hold cricket bats;
They went to bed in the day, when the cows took the flight in the night with a gay;
They watched the moon come out on Sunday, and all of the Oceans fish rolled around in the hay;


Alex and his friend rained lollipops, and then would drink chicken chop chop chop;
Their next door neighbor was a witch, and she lives way down in a ditch;
Her clothing was a bit strange, for she never went for a change;
But she cooked for Alex and his friend Tilly;
And both ate with some peas and broccoli;
The witch also gave them candy which they shared with their friend Mandy;
For they also had two more friend Peggy and Ann Mc Kay;
And they all wished each other a very “Happy Friendship Day.”




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