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Immersive Stories that follow a watch-learn-create model. Ignites the growth mindset with focus on Life Skills,Social skills, Physical Well-being, Creativity.


My Amazing Engine

Theme: How Our Body Works?
Our body is an amazing engine. This story and its following steps tell how it works?


Dream It, Do It

Theme: Goal Setting
Can you gaze into the future? See what you’d like to do? Goal Setting helps us dream up our future better


Catch A Happy Mood?

Theme: Rejection
Rejection leads to negativity. It gets difficult to cope with negativity. Big or small, rejection affects all.


SHIFT to Flourish

Theme: Bullying
Ronnie is a good boy. Does not mind if friends tease him. Dolly and Niki tease him often. Does it get too much?


Overcome It

Theme: Fear
Dolly is a brave girl. Alone at night, she experiences a power cut. Does it affect her at all?


Fight the Fat!

Theme: Fast Food & Obesity
Ah, the smell of finger-licking food! Mittu can do anything to get his pizzas, burgers and fries. Fun! Oh, such fun it is!


The 20-20-20 Rule

Theme: TV & Gadgets
Dolly loves to watch her favorite shows. And play games on the tab. Wait, what has that got to do with 20-20-20 rule?


Did You Listen?

Theme: Active Listening
Mittu is in his own world. Makes paper boats, plays video games, munches fast food. Why do they want him to listen?


Never Give Up!

Theme: Perseverance
When Dolly’s dad gave her skates, she was over the moon. Couldn’t wait to get to the rink. What happens next?


The Desire to Explore!

Theme: Curiosity
Mittu has questions on everything. His friends think his questions are silly? Are these really silly?



Theme: Good and Bad Touch
Dolly was confused. People in her bus had discussed something she did not understand. Mom pitches in to help.


Trust Your Ability

Theme: Confidence
Ronnie teases Mittu that he is too lazy to play football. Dolly asks him to find out what he is good at. What does Mittu do?


Trust Your Ability

Theme: Fear of Failure
Ronnie worries of failure while enrolling for a rock climbing class. He is very afraid. Is it OK to fail?


Trust Your Ability

Theme: Resilience
Four friends decided to do something fun. But the ‘fun stuff’ had challenges. How do they bounce back from those?


Trust Your Ability

Theme: Anger
Dolly refuses to eat breakfast. But mom says it’s a must! Thus starts the displeasure. What happens after that?


Trust Your Ability

Theme: First Aid
Ronnie is careless while traveling by a bus. It is risky, but does not understand. What happens?


Trust Your Ability

Theme: Creativity
Stella madam teaches maths in the class. The kids find it boring. Ronnie comes up with a plan to make the class interesting.