Do I have a nose?



Do I have a nose, yes yes as it always blows;

I have it pasted on my face

How I wished it would be somewhere else

Do you know the reason why?

As I always blow it dry


Now I have my nose sandwiched between my toes

And yak yak it’s a treat, for I have to bear my smelly feet


But I poke my nose everywhere

And it’s my nose which deceives I swear

So I have decided to fix my nose on my ear

As it should be my nose through which I should hear

Aw that’s a catastrophe, for when I sneeze

My Brain rattles from the breeze


Now that I have caught a dreadful cold

My nosy nose has turned red one hundred multifold


Now I want my nose back on my face

Not to be pasted somewhere else

My nose now through thick and thin

Remains between my eyes and chin


I am happy now with my nose

As it smells like that pretty rose

A small secret I like to share

That nose fell off from nowhere

The pain was quite severe

I better get back to bed for a year


It’s my nose that I love

As it is for my favorite Bloombird

Now my nosy nose back on face

I am happy with a lovely grace







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