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Immersive Stories that follow a watch-learn-create model. Ignites the growth mindset with focus on Life Skills,Social skills, Physical Well-being, Creativity.


My Amazing Engine

Theme: How Our Body Works?
Our body is an amazing engine. This story and its following steps tell how it works?


Dream It, Do It

Theme: Goal Setting
Can you gaze into the future? See what you’d like to do? Goal Setting helps us dream up our future better


Catch A Happy Mood?

Theme: Rejection
Rejection leads to negativity. It gets difficult to cope with negativity. Big or small, rejection affects all.


SHIFT to Flourish

Theme: Bullying
Ronnie is a good boy. Does not mind if friends tease him. Dolly and Niki tease him often. Does it get too much?


Overcome It

Theme: Fear
Dolly is a brave girl. Alone at night, she experiences a power cut. Does it affect her at all?


Fight the Fat!

Theme: Fast Food & Obesity
Ah, the smell of finger-licking food! Mittu can do anything to get his pizzas, burgers and fries. Fun! Oh, such fun it is!


The 20-20-20 Rule

Theme: TV & Gadgets
Dolly loves to watch her favorite shows. And play games on the tab. Wait, what has that got to do with 20-20-20 rule?


Did You Listen?

Theme: Active Listening
Mittu is in his own world. Makes paper boats, plays video games, munches fast food. Why do they want him to listen?


Never Give Up!

Theme: Perseverance
When Dolly’s dad gave her skates, she was over the moon. Couldn’t wait to get to the rink. What happens next?


The Desire to Explore!

Theme: Curiosity
Mittu has questions on everything. His friends think his questions are silly? Are these really silly?



Theme: Good and Bad Touch
Dolly was confused. People in her bus had discussed something she did not understand. Mom pitches in to help.