life and work balance 5 reasons why mums should not feel bad about taking a break in career - Giving kids complete attention in terms of time becomes difficult for working mums. Susmita have been an on-and-off working mum since her daughter was 10 months old. She has taken several breaks in her career whenever she felt it was needed. She believes that Children spell Love "TIME".
school safety A ‘Crash Test’ for Schools#MissionSchoolSafety - The brutal murder of a 7-year-old child in the school premises in Gurgaon, India left the Nation in a state of shock. Citizens are hurt. They want justice for the victim. They demand schools to be safe. What can be done to make schools safe for our children? The need of the hour: A 'Crash Test' for Schools! #MissionSchoolSafety
physics-activity-2 Physics is love - But then I saw Newton’s apple My heart beeping I solved the riddle
teachers day 2017 I Love My Teacher - That Dr Radhakrishnan's students wanted to celebrate his birthday got me wondering. Why do we want to celebrate some teachers? What makes them special? We surely don't celebrate or remember every teacher.
Portrait The pink whale challenge for Gen X puppies - Against the backdrop of growing concern around the ‘The Blue Whale Challenge’, a new game is in limelight today. It is called the ‘Pink Whale’ or ‘Baleia Rosa’ game. The game aims to spread ‘love’ and ‘happiness’
4270170607_f9ef86dd3d_b Child Pornography And Abuse - There are countless victims that suffer without respite. Child abuse and child pornography are the worst of crimes that need to be reported, for they feed each other.
Friendship Little Alex had a friend - An ode to friendship. The fun silly things that kids do, and we adults remember fondly. That's what is captured in this poem.
mom and daughter Breastfeed: Give the Gift of a Lifetime to Your Baby - Breastfed babies have fewer infections and hospitalizations than formula-fed infants. During breastfeeding, antibodies and other germ-fighting factors pass from a mother to her baby and strengthen the immune system. This helps lower a baby's chances of getting many infections, including ear infections!
324356555_2d313c4d13_z The ABC’s of breastfeeding - World Breastfeeding Week is celebrated every year from 1 to 7 August all over the globe to encourage breastfeeding and improve the health of babies around the world. This write-up is an initiative to spread some awareness about the ABCs of breast feeding!
93ea593076a53030b78cd6cc0011b7c9--sunny-sunday-videos They struggled to tie their shoe laces - A fun poem for a relaxed read
International-tiger-day-786 Tiger Tiger burning bright will not let you fade out of sight - Tigers take care of the well-being of the forests. They are on the top of the food chain. They prey on herbivorous animals like the deer and boar, thereby keeping their population in check. Here are 10 facts about tigers for kids on this International Tiger Day 2017.
landscape-1445631688-g-oral-liquid-164850671 Is Expired Medicine Safe for Kids? - Got a call from an worried mother last night. She realized the mistake while giving cough syrup to her 6 year old. She was about to give 2 teaspoon, and suddenly glanced at the expiry date. The date mentions that the drug was expired 6 months back.
shutterstock_274239770-1000x480 Suicide, the mistake you won’t live to regret - Suicide is a difficult subject to address. There are far too many tragic stories of people who felt the only way to escape their troubles were to take their own lives. When the people at the center of these events are children, the dreadful emotions we feel are amplified.
32409014155_6caecc8bde_z Listen Up! - Beauty does not come from a jar, or pretty clothes
EarlyPuberty The 5Ws of endocrine disrupting chemicals - Like all other girls of her age, Guddi loves to meddle with her mum's cosmetic box. Whenever she lays her hands on it, she starts off painting her nails. Each color draws her more and more into it. And soon, her nails glow in a rainbow of colors.
teacher A peek into Meghna’s diary - Emotional abuse of children can result in serious behavioural problems, low cognitive ability, poor educational achievement, and lack of social skills.
maths Little Doctor Algebra - Little doctor Algebra, looked like a Zebra. So are Integers though they were just juggernauts Logarithms were loggerheads. And yet Geometry was the lead head
puberty (1) 5-tips for parents to prepare kids for puberty - Jeeya was gleefully playing when Emmy screamed “Look the blood, it’s down your thighs”. All of a sudden the two children were surrounded by their classmates. All were curious. Jeeya felt helpless.
little girl Once there was a girl - For she was the mystic Ananya Who was a maiden in name of a formulae She also had a sister silly Who was no one but the same old Imli
reality show Should authorities ban kids’ reality shows? - A friend had taken her kid for the screening session of a singing reality show. It was arranged at a K12 school. There were thousands of kids. The kids were stranded at the que from morning!
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