IMG_20181113_164218-800x583 The kindness chatterbox - World Kindness Day is a designated day to pause and consciously reflect on times when we have been shown kindness, and think about ways in which we can treat others kindly. Keeping this theme in mind, Bloombrite conducted the painting contest online for kids. This blog provides a glimpse of the submissions.
41423528_2166478793676678_6009562311222624256_n O’ my friend ganesha - Known as Ekdant, anecdotes of Lord Ganesha form an integral part of Hindu mythology and impart great life lessons. Here are few for our kids!
Capture Introducing a New Sibling to Your Child - The first few months of having a baby are the hardest. It is even harder for the elder sibling. Here are few ideas to help parents transition and help the elder ones welcome a new baby into the growing family!
bullying The uncomfortable B-word - Bullying behaviour is prevalent throughout the world and it transcends socio-economic, racial/ethnic, and cultural lines. Over the last decade or so; there is growing awareness of the problem of bullying. Nevertheless it still remains a prevalent and serious problem in today’s schools. It has both short term and long term consequences. What is bullying?  Despite […]
Capture You Are What You Eat: 5 tips on teaching Kids about food - When it comes to food and nutrition, a lot of kids are unaware of where the food they eat comes from and how to eat healthily. The 5-tips in this article are a guide on how to inform your child about the food they should be eating in a fun and engaging way!
bullying Let’s Talk and Tackle Bullying - Kids bully for a variety of reasons. Sometimes they pick on kids because they need a victim — someone who seems emotionally or physically weaker, or just acts or appears different in some way. Adults need to take action in the right time, protect children and help them handle the situation. Here are tips on talking to kids, and ways to tackle bullying!
pic1 Understanding Kathak: A Guide to Children - Through this blog, the author explains about the dance form "Kathak" in a child friendly way!
4850524825_b60bf9c9ac_z 5 tips to talk to kids about the serious illness of a family member - We often find ourselves or our friends in a state of confusion about how to talk to kids about the serious illness of a family member. Here are my 5-tips:
Capture Maths the Octopus - Maths the Octopus
15949949771_7d91be21f0_z 5 tips to nurture the learning style in kids - Knowing learning style helps to nurture academic growth in children, as well as choose after-school activities, and extracurricular classes. Here's a peek into the three different learning styles; and 5 tips to nurture the learning style in kids!
IMG_0503 5 tips to raise kids with an attitude of gratitude - When we make our children mindful, aware of their blessings, and inculcate a habit of expressing gratitude, we not only make their path easier and happier, but also pave the way for a better future around us.
happy-new-year_650x400_81514458550 5-tips to adhere to the new year resolutions - My boat of the year was sailing to its conclusion. The new year was awaiting me. Have I written down my resolutions?
mishah christmas pic 5-tips to spend the Christmas holidays with kids - Christmas vacation is around the corner. As parents, we want to make sure that the vacation gets exciting for our kids. Many of us have trip plans, many have already enrolled kids into various winter camps. And then, there are some of us who are going to stay back at our respective cities. What would be good ways of keeping our kids engaged? Here are my 5-tips!
37075140311_79a5af4e0d_z (1) ExpertSpeak: What Parents need to know about Autism - Autism is a neurodevelopmental condition. It affects the brain's normal development of social and communication skills. Here are few facts for parents!
9254520856_487c6c095a_z (2) 5-tips to boost sunshine vitamin for kids - Being out in the sun makes one happier not only physically, but emotionally as well. Here are 5-tips to boost sunshine vitamin for kids.
23472088_731929533664713_3647142952854614994_n 5-tips to awaken joy in kids - Some people are born happier than others. Interview of parents with two or more kids also support the same. Scientific evidence pinpoints to the fact that personality is controlled by the frontal lobes of the brain. So can joy be cultivated in kids?
2319874734_914672acfc_z 5-tips on the use of hand sanitizers for kids - Hand sanitizer can be a good way for kids to kill germs on their hands when soap and water aren’t available. But there are some safety tips. What are they?
Capture 5-tips to ask your kid about the day at school - Parents always want to hear about their kid's day at school. But sometimes, the little ones and even the grown up kids get busy with their own things. And tend to not answer direct question like "What did you do at school today?"
5-SMART tips on talking to kids about the birds and the bees - Like all other parents, I was once faced with such a question. I was nervous about discussing the topic with my little one. I was unsure of where to begin/what to say/ how to keep it appropriate! Then I thought; we do with all other issues, so why not sex?
Capture MENTAL- 6 letters to promote mental health in kids - Feeling worried, sad or fearful is normal. Kids who are mentally healthy are equipped to handle many of life’s curve-balls that come their way. They don't let their sadness linger for too long. As a result they make more friends as well. And finally, excel in academics and succeed later in life. Here are 6 ways to promote mental health in kids.
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