Dad, can you please clean my room?


I was surfing FB. A friend posted a selfie with his daughter with the caption “A daughter may outgrow your lap but she will never outgrow your heart…” Just then, our 12 year old requested her dad to clean her room! “Dad, can you please clean my room?” because…she was busy with school project work, had the floor of her room as her work area. And she had strewn waste papers, cardboard pieces, glue, sellotape etc. And she was running late for her other planned activities in the evening. I and my better half looked at each other and laughed out loud! Whenever it comes to cleaning, it’s always dad :)…

A daughter may outgrow your lap but she will never outgrow your heart“… my husband always wanted a baby girl. His joy knew no bounds when he first cuddled our bundle of joy! Since then, there is no looking back. They both are partners in all the crimes in the house. They find good reasons to mess up the house with creative pursuits, getting meals delivered or ordering choice items from online grocers, and even ganging up against me! Also, bedtime stories are never fun without dad…from maths lessons to cracking jokes, our princess depends a lot on her dad to set the course of her life! Dad has learnt to tie ponies, and proudly takes care of that task during my absence.

Dad, can you please clean my room?”… Dad cleans the room stating the reason that his kiddo is growing. He feels with time, such requests will be less. I do feel his hidden sadness. Some insecure feeling that she will soon grow  in to a person of her own, ready to leave the nest! Possessive Dads I thought. Even I have one!