A mother’s letter


[Image: Courtesy Ryan G Smith under the creative commons license]

Dear Li’l S,


Mommy is always rushing away, I know. But remember love, your smiles and innocent conversations are the wind beneath her wings. You are the reason she is on the move. That one hug and kiss in the morning is like God’s touch for her. The promises made and the pacts sealed with kisses to play and chat and tell stories, keep her going through the day. The only thing that Mommy wishes for is, one more minute with her Sunshine. One more hug before you do not want them any more. One more story, one more good night chat. Just one more, before you grow up.


One day, perhaps Mommy will fade away in the crowd. Perhaps, the world, friends may be will take a step forward to hold your hand. Mommy will still love you little one. Her arms will always be strong enough to hold you. When it is time for you to fly away, keep flying. Never look back! Trust your Mommy! She will always keep her promises. She will always look out for you. Capturing every minute of you in her memories. You are, after all, her reason to be.


Love, Hugs, Kisses, Cuddles, Snuggles, Nose Rubs, Stories, Back Rubs, Pillow fights, Hugs to the Softies, Finger Buildings and so much more…




Happiness is a biological need


—  Meem (Mom), can you get me some glue tubes today?

—  Glue tubes again? How many do you want to waste?

—  Till I learn to make my slime…

—  But, you have failed so many times! Why do you want to waste time on that? Instead, do something constructive. That will help you in the long run.

—  No meem, I almost learnt it. See the one that I tried yesterday. Feel it. You will know right away. And, do you know why I do it? It gives me confidence. I feel happy. Happiness is a biological need.

A biological need! I did not expect this from my 11 year old. It sounded astounding. I started thinking about what she mentioned. Recently, I read a blog by Robin Sharma about the habits of happiness. It mentioned 3 habits: Gratitude, to savor the moments in life and to find meaning in one’s work. “Most of us have enough food to eat. And yet, we still focus on what’s wrong in our lives. It’s a biological instinct we have to fight. And how do we do that?”

“Happiness is a biological need!” It again echoed in my ears! Did I think that much about happiness when I was 11? Surely not. And I think the reasons were that we lived in a joint family. We had a lot of elders to discuss our worries with other than parents. We had our cousins to play with. We celebrated so many festivals, weddings and family get-together. Life for kids of that generation was without cartoon channels, choices of fat food, or mushrooming competitive coaching courses. For a kid of 11, life meant play, play and play more and savor the moments!

Just a few days back, a friend was lamenting about something very relevant – that people forget to savor the moments when it comes to kids. They seek happiness in successes, milestones, graduations and trophies. Not from doing some activity together with their kids. Not from just watching them. Not from just being there around their children. Was I doing the same when I suggested my kid to spend time on something constructive?

I felt guilty. She rightly said that happiness is a biological need. She has been trying different ingredients as she tried to make slime. She tried mixing spare eye-drops, shaving cream from her dad’s cabinet with glue. The texture was not good enough. She finally succeeded with boric acid powder and glue! She persevered, learnt not to repeat mistakes, gained confidence, and found happiness.

And I learnt the three secrets of happiness from my daughter:

1. Follow your passion: Do whatever makes you happy.

2. Never give up: Try till you have left no stone un-turned.

3. Express emotions: Discuss your feelings with whoever is dissuading you from seeking your happiness!

Remembered Robin Sharma again “So when you’re drinking a cup of coffee, don’t just drink a cup of coffee while you’re thinking about your emails. Drink a cup of coffee and actually savor, savor the flavor. Savor the coffee. Savor your environment.” And I muttered under my breath – yup, go and make slime. You got it right kiddo, “happiness is a biological need”…


Being With You

[Image: Courtesy Ryan G Smith under the creative commons license]

Being with you is the best form of meditation that I can do.
Those ‘one more cuddle’ in the mornings
And the story time snuggles at night are all I need to make my day.
You, my little lady, are my inspiration. The reason I can go on.
The length of time that I spend with you are so short, yet so precious.
Some times I worry, what will you remember of your childhood?
Am I making enough memories with you?
But every time you demand a story or a hug, my worries vanish.
Being with you, in that moment is a blessing.
I cease to think beyond that moment
However crazy the next minute may be!